101-Year-old Spanish Flu and WW2 Survivor Survives the Coronavirus(COVID-19)

A 101-year-old Italian man, identified as ‘Mr. P’, who survived the Spanish flu pandemic in the 1910s, which claimed the lives of 600,000 Italians, has successfully recovered from the deadly coronavirus. He was born in the town of Rimini on the northwestern coast of the Adriatic Sea in 1919, aging between the two world wars (1914 & 1945).

Last week, Mr. P went to a hospital in Rimini after testing positive for COVID-19. As reported by Gloria Lisi, the Vice Mayor of Rimini, medical staffs at the hospital were despondent for the man, since people older than 65 tend to experience more severe symptoms of COVID-19. But after he started recovering from the illness, he was discharged from confinement on Thursday.

Upon his recovery, the Spanish Flu and WWII survivor was discharged from the hospital. And, as Mayor strikingly explained, Mr. P’s family took him home the night before, as voiced, to teach everyone a lesson that even at more than a hundred years, the future has “yet to be written.”

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His survival is undoubtedly miraculous, especially with the high rates of fatality for older people infected with COVID-19. Based on Italy’s National Institute of Health’s report, almost 86% of deaths in Italy where patients who are more than 65 years old.

Italy has recorded more than 97,000 coronavirus cases as of Sunday night, second only to the USA. Italians have sustained three weeks under lockdown with more than 10,000 people have died from the virus.