About us

Blogsrocks is an Online Magazine. Basically, We are providing online tabloids for different kinds of topics. Now we are working on Entertainment, Finance, Biography, Book Reviews, Technology Information and Food.

Blogsrocks has started on MAY in 2020 with three friends. We are currently 3 members who are working to provide quality content for this magazine. We are very enthusiastic about covering some amazing stories.

Let’s Meet with Blogsrocks team member:

mySomnath Sahu 

Meet our Founder of this platform. Somnath is an Entrepreneur by his passion and love to write content whatever he learn from his entrepreneurial journey. He manages several websites and being a WordPress Developer, he loves to create an amazing website.

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Rahul Thakkar

Meet our pillar of Blogsrocks Magazine. Rahul has pursued his career in Electrical Engineering. He loves to explore new technologies and his focusing area is all about new technologies and sometimes he loves to write about entertainment. Playing Mobile games and Listening Songs is his passion.

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Puspita Adhikary

Meet our creative content writer and the most important pillar of our online magazine. Though she is UPSC Aspirant, she can’t leave a single day without writing some creative lines.   She manages her own Facebook page as well as she showcases her writing skill on the different internet platforms.

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So we are a small team with an interesting vision. we are trying to provide unique and useful content. Now we are at 1.5K Monthly Page visitors. But We will reach some K to M with your love and support.

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