4 Powerful Factors of using Artificial Intelligence in Education Sector

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Artificial intelligence (AI) in Education is becoming a dominant technology set to deal with large amounts of data where education is not different. The academic world is considered one of the most social sectors that don’t mean teachers and school workers can be benefited by implementing Artificial Intelligence (AI). Teachers deal with a considerable amount by spreading finite time among the ever-growing student. As a result, teachers cannot maintain the relevance and quality of education. Here, AI is perfectly placed that helps teachers in menial tasks like personalized learning produce lesson content, etc.

In Today’s article, we, Blogsrocks, will tell you about four ways AI changing the education industry. The AI can revolutionize the education system by the following ways stated below.

4 Powerful impact on using AI in Education

Automation of Administrative Tasks

AI has great potential in automation and expediting administrative tasks for organizations as well as professors. Besides managing the classroom environment and teachers, AI also had to manage numerous organizational and administrative tasks. Not only evaluating grading tests, homework, and reading essays, but they are also in charge of filling paperwork, organizing resources for lectures, managing teaching materials, making periodic progress reports, and more. AI allows educators to spend more time in multiple-choice tests by applying the automatic grading process. Besides applying AI automation in admission processing like classification and processing of paperwork, Software developers are also creating ways to add written responses and essays.

Teacher Spend their time on Education

According to a survey, it reveals that teachers spend their time on:

  • Teaching (43%)
  • Planning lessons (13%)
  • Marking tests (11%)
  • Doing administrative work (7%)

Educators spend a lot of time behind non-teaching tasks; here, Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be quite handy. It has the power to consume tests and manage administrative work that is a huge load.

Addition of Smart Content

As robots can create digital content, the concept of AI-based smart content can customize digital learning interfaces or textbook digitization for the students of all ages and classes. Cram101 is one such system that uses AI to condense the textbook’s content into an online study guide with summaries and practice tests. Another platform is Netex Learning that allows professors and lecturers to design digital content and curriculum along with audios, videos, and an online assistant. AI is also responsible for virtual content such as video conferences and digital lectures.

Digital Content

Smart content is a trendy term in organizations, educators, and students as it makes learning advance. While talking on smart content, we recommended different virtual content, such as digitized textbook guides, video lectures, and video conferencing. By creating digital content and customizable learning interfaces, robots can improve the learning experience that offers different grades for students from elementary and post-secondary schools.

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Students can easily access all materials, learn much faster by summarized vital points, divide understandable chunks, and highlight important lesson stuff to reach their academic goals. An example of Netex Learning platform takes education to the next level by:

  • Allowing teachers to create, manage, and update digital content in one place.
  • Allowing content recommendations, micro-learning, and skills mapping provide a high-impact learning experience to empower the students.

Personalized Learning and 24/7 Available Smart Tutors

AI not only condense a lecture into a smart study guide or flashcard, but it can also tutor a student. The tutor is based on the difficulties that the students faced with their class materials. Before, students get a limited time window where they could see their teachers in-office hours. Here, they are hoping to get answers to their emails. Carnegie Learning is such a smart tutoring system that uses a specific student’s data to give feedback and work with him directly. Though the AI application is in the early stages, it will soon be a full-fledged digital teacher to help students in their study needs.

Traditionally, students have to wait to resolve their doubts or questions unless teachers are available in school, college, or they are in class or have any home tutor. But, AI-powered chat-bots serve as round-the-clock assistants to create a specific education sector where students can consult anytime. It helps them get quick and relevant solutions or answers without waiting for office hours or the next class.

Virtual Lecturers and Learning Environment

A robot may replace the not entire actual lecturer – virtual human guides and facilitators, using gesture recognition technology, can think, act, and react with humans. Naturally, they can respond to both verbal and nonverbal cues. University of Southern California (USC) is a well-known Institute for Creative Technologies that develops smart virtual environments and platforms. To create real virtual characters and social interactions, the organization uses Artificial Intelligence (AI), computer animation, and 3-D gaming.

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AI allows students to access their textbooks from different devices anytime, anywhere, by digitizing the textbooks. This helps students who are not able to attend any classes. Opening an opportunity allows international students to study specific courses that are not available in their countries. They have different languages translate learning materials that are a great facility of these platforms, which helps to learn for non-English speakers. It allows us to carry out tests online and prepare the queries and exercises by using a pre-set question bank designed by teachers.

It also offers smart settings and configurations to utilize limiting availability and different groups creating by selecting random questions during tests. It saves lots of time of teachers and reduces the work by avoiding the risk error.

Disadvantages of Using AI in Education

Although AI technology plays a vital role in education by making learning more accessible, it also has cons that should be considered. Here are some of them:

  • Quantity does not mean quality – As all the solutions are pre-defined, there is no chance to be enhanced or improved performance. So that quality will not improve.
  • AI threatens the job market – Applying AI in the educational system will hamper the job quantity in the education sector.
  • Higher cost – As, Artificial Intelligence (AI) depends on power, it causes higher electricity bills.
  • Loss of information – Implementation of Artificial Intelligence in the education sector may cause information loss by getting harmed or destroyed by malware, viruses, or other issues.
  • Affordability – For online learning, students required a computer, laptop, or smartphone. As everyone cannot afford these devices, so everyone will not be able to attend online classes.

Examples of AI-Powered Education Apps

Some examples of the best AI-powered education apps in the market, which are beneficiary for students and teachers, are Duolingo, Brainly, MATHiaU, Thinkster Math, and Oddizzi.


Technology is trying to collaborate with teachers to create a system where students learn better and faster with increased efficiency. With AI grading, students can develop their curriculum, gap identification, smart content creation, and make education more accessible.

So, this is all for now. We, Blogsrocks, now make sure that you have learned about the ways AI changing the Education Industry by reading this comprehensive information. Finally, if you like our article, please share it with your lovable persons and help them know about the ways AI changing the Education Industry. And you can also suggest some other ways AI changing the Education Industry in the comments as we, Blogsrocks, are always looking forward to doing something new.