Best Watches for Men 10000 in India

Do you want to know the best watches for men? So this article will help to identify about best watches for men 10000. Watch is a portable device that indicates time and worn by a person. There are lots of varieties in watch section such as sports watches for men, bracelet watches, automatic watches, titan watches, Fastrack watches, digital watches, hamilton watches and so on. There are also many best watch brands in India, top watches for men, luxury watch brands for India are available.

Today we are discussing best watches for men 10000 rupees. In this price range, many best watch brand has included.

best watches for men 10000 on Construction Type:

Sports watches for men

A sports watch is robust and water resistance wristwatch including special feature like alarm, stopwatch, compass etc. besides showing the time. So here comes the digital watch.  All of the above features are included with it. A digital watch is made by many best watch brand companies such as Casio, titan (named as Sonata), Fastrack etc.

List of Sports Watches for men:

Under 10,000 rupees you can get best Fastrack watches, sonata watches (titan watches) with a great variety.

Bracelet watches

Bracelet watch is like a chain type watch that is used for fashion. It is generally comes with hands of watch and used with formal. In the manufacturing of these watches, titan holds a big position. Titan watches are best in terms of bracelet watches. Next comes casio. Fastrack also manufactures bracelet watches. Best watch brands in India in terms of bracelet watches you should prefer titan watches, casio watches, timex and fastrack.

Best watches for men 10000 Based on Manufactured Companies

Based on some of the best watch brands in India watches are divided into subcategories stated as below.

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Yet, still, there’s no denying the style and refinement that a legitimate wrist watch brings. A few watches depend on their old fashioned usefulness and configuration to be sought after or attractive.

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Fastrack watches for boys and Fastrack watches

Fastrack is one of the top watch brands in India which is comes under best watches for men 10000. It manufactured analogue as well as digital watches both for men and women. It is most popular in India as well as outside India. It is costly as its top watch brands name compared with sonata and Casio.

Fastrack watches

Titan watches for men and titan watches

Titan is one of the top watch brands in India. It is a part of tata group that manufactures jewellery, eyewear including watches. Titan watches divided into brands like sonata, raga and octane.  Under 10,000 rupees customer can get lots of variety in the titan model. It is a top watch brand in India as well as outside India. Basically, titan manufactured analogue watches. The digital model is manufactured by sonata which is also a part of a titan.

Hamilton watches

Hamilton watch is one of the old twenty’s watch. It manufactured watches on American design and design pocket watches and wristwatches. In the detective movies, the old model watches are made of Hamilton watch. Nowadays in India hamilton watches are not found. But in the UK maybe it found in some houses belongs to old times.

Hamiltan watches best brand in India

Mi watch

Mi has manufactured band type watch that runs on a battery which can be charged by micro USB cord. It supports Bluetooth. Generally, it shows time and date but if Mi band watch is connected through the device via Bluetooth then you can take and answer incoming calls. It will notify when messages and calls come. It comes under 10,000 rupees and one of the best brand to use with a device connected via Bluetooth.

mi 4 best watch brands


We conclude this topic by adding some more point such as best watches for men depends on the choice of the men individually. Top watch brand matters later, choice and liking of the watch by user matters first.

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