Byju’s App – Online Learning App Byju’s Case Study

Case Study of Byju’s – The Learning App

Do you know about BYJU’S – the Learning AppBYJU’S App, founded in 2011, is an educational technology company based in Bangalore, Karnataka, India. BYJU’S App educators consist of either student who has cleared various exams or mentors who have teaching experience. It gives online coaching for various exams of India like IIT JEE, NEET, NEET, CAT and UPSC etc. It is a leading provider of supplemental school curriculum classes for Class 6-12 Byju’s has claimed on 27 May 2020 that they have gained Rs. 2,800cr revenue in FY20.

We are living in a generation, where education is cover-up with the competition. Anywhere we go; we got rivals and get beginning with a new competition. School, colleges, and universities everywhere, students are running for marks. Everyone wants to be a topper. But when it comes to your career, then! It would be best if you had a perfect guide, a good teacher, a good platform. That can assist you to step in your dream, and BYJU’S App is one of those best platforms.

Byju’s Founder

Byju Raveendran is the Byju’s Founder. In 2011 he founded an educational company with the help of his students. He wanted to offer online video-based learning programs for the K-12 segment as well as competitive exams. In August 2015, after four years of developments, the firm launched BYJU’S The Learning App. By 2020, it had 35 million registered users and 3 million paid users.

Byju's app founder

How about Byju’s app

The user interface is excellent for kids to use the app. It will reduce IIT aspirant to travel Kota and IAS aspirants to travel Delhi. Helps you to visualize and stays in memory what you are learning for a long time. Thirty-three million users spent average time on this platform.

Is BYJU’S – the Learning App free? 

BYJU’S – the Learning App is not providing any free courses for their learners. They are made from all sorts of educators. BYJU’S – the Learning App has a subscription button, where you need to pay some subscription fees to learn more things. BYJU’S – The Learning App has more than 3 million paid subscribers.

BYJU’S UPSC Coaching

They offer a lot of courses/content for UPSC preparationBYJU’S App has hundreds of essential lectures for UPSC. While there are excellent courses on BYJU’S App from famous educators, not all courses are of good quality. For any competitive exam, I’d prefer Unacademy or Vedantu. These are better than BYJU’S.

Offline coaching and BYJU’S – the Learning App?

BYJU’S App is the best platform but unfortunately not for aspirants, for kids. Educators make few incomplete lectures, get the short name and start paid or Pendrive courses on various other platforms also. Therefore, students are not satisfied with the lessons. But in coaching, they can complete their topics with satisfaction. Students can test their slaves through mock tests.

BYJU’S – the Learning App is the best platform for online education

BYJU’S – The Learning App is the joint brand name for Think. The app has classes from India’s best teachers. It has Engaging Video Lessons that help you visualize each concept, making it easier to understand. Clearer concepts lead to higher scores. This platform contributes to personalized learning journeys mapped with the syllabus. Classes’ follows with Adaptive, interactive tests that help students master each chapter—recommended videos, prompt students, to correct mistakes in a practice session, enabling extended-lasting learning. BYJU’S reports to have 33 million users overall, 2.2 million annual paid subscribers and an annual retention rate of about 85%. The company announced that it would launch its app in regional Indian languages in 2019.

Byju's learning app

“60% of our students are from outside the top 10 cities. This high adoption rate is a clear indication that online learning is fulfilling a crucial need and is here to stay. We are also working on creating learning programs in multiple regional languages, and we believe that this move will truly be a game-changer in helping students learn in the comfort of their homes and a language of their choice,” – Byju Raveendran

How can you use BYJU’S – The Learning App

Byju’s app now has over 42 million downloads on the Google Play Store. You can learn through PC by login by After that, you need to opt for your goal and admit it, and then you can start learning. You can search for your topic and make sure to take classes every day.

Byju’s Revenue

Online tutoring Byju’s app on Thursday said it has almost tripled its total revenue to ₹1,430 crores for the year ended March 2019, up from ₹490 crore revenue reported in FY18. According to the company statement, BYJU’s has over 35 million registered users and 2.4 million paid subscribers currently — up from 1.26 million in June 2018.

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