Career After Passing Madhyamik Examination, Course Details

Even before the Madhyamik examination, everyone’s family is very worried about what to study. Although this decision has been made by everyone’s family and even students for a long time, it is too late when they make the wrong decision knowingly from friends or grandparents like themselves. So, we want to let you know through this writing what they should study after passing 10th class.

Course category of Madhyamik Examination:

After passing madhyamik 10th class, many course directions are opened, which are:

  • Higher Secondary Education
  • ITI Course
  • Diploma / Polytechnic Course
  • Certification Course
  • Vocational Course

Higher Secondary Education after Madhyamik Examination:

This course is usually for two years. Admission to class XI is usually mentioned only after passing 10th class. It is a kind of truth. These courses are again divided into the following categories:

  • Science Department
  • Arts Department
  • Commerce Department

Science Department:

Science department usually requires proficiency in Mathematics and Science which helps in further higher studies. After studying in the science department, students can become doctors or engineers.

Arts Department:

Students of Arts Department are in Bengali, English, this section is very important for those who want to study history or geography. Even students in the art department now compete a lot in their own place with science students.

Commerce Department:

Commerce Department is very important for those who love economics or mathematics very much. The Commerce Department is very useful for those who want to study for Accounting or CA. All these three sections are for building a better future. We would always like to suggest that students who are good at the subject should study the subject.

ITI Courses after Madhyamik Examination:

ITI courses are usually of two to three years depending on the subject of different courses. Technical and non-technical subjects are taught here.

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Diploma / Polytechnic Course:

Diploma / Polytechnic course is a very good course after 10th class. This course is usually for three years in different course subjects. Based on. Here technical subjects are taught. After doing this course, there is an opportunity to get admission in engineering.

Certification Courses:

Certification courses are generally for everyone. There is an age limit for these courses. Everyone can participate here. Different types of website creation, Photoshop editing, video editing can be learned. Such courses do not meet any age or time limit. These are usually for a very limited time. Vocational Courses: Vocational courses are usually for three years based on different course topics. These courses are tailored to suit different sectors. These include automobiles, textile technology, Food technology etc.

I hope this topic will help you with what you should study after madhyamik. But at the end of the day, I want to say that you have to keep studying any subject but not straight or difficult so you have to decide what you want to study so that you can be successful in life.

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