Movie Review : Chhichhore Full Movie by Sushant Singh Rajpoot

Chhichhore is an Indian Hindi language comedy-drama film of 2019. It is directed by Nitesh Tiwari. And it is produced by Sajid Nadiadwala under the banner of Fox Star Studios and Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment. In the lead roles of this film starring Sushant Singh Rajput and Shraddha Kapoor.

The film was released on 6th September 2019. The plot is based on hostel life in Indian colleges. It became commercially successful. Chhichhore was declared as a blockbuster with the earning of ₹215 crores worldwide.

It has received five nominations at the 65th Filmfare Awards for Best Film, Best Director, Best Story, Best Dialogue and Best Editing. Chhichhore was Sushant Singh Rajput’s last theatrically released film before his demise in 14th June 2020.

Chhichhore Story 

At present, Aniruddh Pathak is a divorced middle-aged man. He is living with his teenage son Raghav, who is waiting for the results of his entrance examination. He is hoping for enrolment in an Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). One day before the results, Aniruddh gifts Raghav a champagne bottle in the evening. He is telling him that they will celebrate his success together. He is unaware of Raghav’s intense pressure.

The next day, when Raghav is checking the result and finds out that he has not qualified for IIT. Then he is getting afraid of being called a “loser”, and he attempts to suicide by jumping off the balcony. As soon as Raghav’s fiend call Aniruddha and tell about the incident, he rushes to the hospital. Here he finds his ex-wife Maya, i.e. Raghav’s mother and tries to comfort her.

The doctor informs them that Raghav’s condition is deplorable as their son; Raghav doesn’t want to live. Desperate, Aniruddh thinks about to tell his college life story where they are such big losers. So, he begins to tell about his college life, assuming that it will bring hope back in Raghav. Aniruddh starts the story, and after listening to some part, Raghav starts shrinking.

The doctor checked and told me that he tries to awake. Raghav doubts whether the stories are true or not. To convince Raghav, Aniruddh invites all his friends from college to meet Raghav and they together finish their story. So, here we go to flashback and the story started in 1992.

Chhichhore Depth Story 

On the first day of college, Aniruddh (Anni) is allotted a room in the H4 hostel. H4 hostel is infamous for called as “losers”. The students of the H4 block got the “losers” tag because they repeatedly performed poorly in the annual sports, i.e. General Championships (GC) for the last fifteen years.

A dis-satisfied Anni applies to change his hostel block, and the clerk informs that his application might take time. In the meantime, Anni makes five friends in the hostel, who develop a close friendship like family. These five friends are

Sexa – Gurmeet Singh Dhillon, a hypersexual senior

Acid – another senior famous for his short-temper and an abusive tongue

Mummy – Sundar Shrivastav, a sickly mamma’s boy who is in the first year of college

Derek – a fourth-year student who is one of the best athletes in the college and chain-smoker

Bewda – an alcoholic super-senior student

In three months, Anni forms a close friendship with these five fellows. Also, Anni starts dating Maya from last two months. Meanwhile, “Raggie”, a senior from H3 – considered as the most successful hostel in the campus, searching for best athletes to compete in GC and win it.

He called Anni to meet because Anni’s profile describes him as an athlete. And asks Anni to change from H4 to H3 which is a posh and luxurious hostel. Anni who want to change his hostel first but now he wants to stay with his friends, and refuse the offer of Raggie. With anger, Raggie calls Anni loser and also reveals that he had made a similar offer to Derek too, but Derek had foolishly turned the offer down as well and now he had to face the shame.

Chhichhore Bollywood Movie

Then Derek comes searching for Anni, and tell him the reason behind the tag of losers. Anni decides that his hostel will win the GC trophy so that the tag of “losers” will be removed. He teams up with a Derek, and start to train his hostel mates. They soon realize that their team members are too weak in sports to have a chance at winning GC.

With the loss, they feel bad but not getting hurt. So, Anni tells about to give up one thing that they love the most till H4 win the GC Cup. He also makes a series of plans to distract the other participants. So that H4 can qualify for the finals. Anni’s plans work, and for the first time in the college’s history, H4 reaches second in point table.

H4 qualifies for the final rounds where they have faced off H3 and have to win a 4x400m relay race, a basketball tournament and a chess competition to win the GC. Being worried about the loss of H3 against a bunch of “losers”, Raggie tries to sabotage Bewda and Derek.

But, both of them win in their respective relay and chess finals against H3. Now all responsibilities are on Anni’s shoulder to score the last point in the basketball finals to win GC. But he fails by a few inches. Though H3 wins again, Raggie genuinely congratulates H4 for putting up a good competition.

Chhichhore Losers

Back to the present, Aniruddh and his friends tell Raghav that, though H4 lose the competition, they were never called “losers” again. Putting in so much effort and fight to win GC, they tried their best instead of giving up the competition for fear of losing. Aniruddh and his friends’ advice Raghav to face his surgery and upcoming life, as a fighter without thinking about the tags of winner or loser. One year later, a fully recovered Raghav attends his first day of college, requesting the viewers to never ask what the name of his college is or what his rank was since he feels happy to getting back to live life.

Chhichhore Movie Review

Our thinking maybe differs from your point of view. So, at the very beginning, we want to say that this review is absolute; in our opinion, your opinion may be mismatched with us. But that doesn’t mean anyone is wrong, and it’s just different thinking.

The film “Chhichhore” is based on college life and basically how to face off daily life challenges. Every hosteller finds a sure match between his college life and the story of the film. College life is the last stage where you enjoy your life’s most crucial and beautiful part before entering into social life. In four years of engineering, you make friends, memories and lots of studies as well.

Here Aniruddh starts to tell his college life story as his son Raghav attempt to suicide because of not getting selection in IIT. Aniruddh tells him how he faces off the “losers” tag and without giving up the face-off it and changes their tag line.

In the whole story, the main point is suicide is not the way to solve any problem. Failure is a widespread thing, but a lot of students don’t know how to face it. And that’s why they choose the path of suicide. Also, the narrator says that every time result doesn’t decide your success or failure.

Your hard work and efforts decide that. If you worked hard and tried your best, but you didn’t achieve your goal, don’t lose your hopes. Learn from that and stand up again instead of giving up.

Also, one significant factor comes in front that is, everyone plans about success. Do that you will get this policy like study well and you will get admission in a right college, perform well so that you will get a good job and so on we are facing off since our childhood. But no one will tell about the plans on how to handle failure. So every student is getting fear of failure. Like success, failure is also a part of life.

You cannot get success always. But with the failure, you have to learn and stand up again to change this failure into success without running out from it. In the education system, almost ten lakh students sit in the entrance exam. And among them, only ten thousand students get selected. Rest nine lakh ninety thousand students doesn’t know how to face off failure as they are not even talking about this.

This Chhichhore film teaches us the moral value of our life. Without giving up and attempting suicide, face off every problem of life and solve it. If you fail, then learn from it. So, next time when it comes, you can give a reliable answer. The main thing above from success and failure is to live life. It is rated at 8.1 out of 10 by IMDb, 3.5 out of 5 by, and loved 58% by Rotten Tomatoes.

Directed by Nitesh Tiwar
Produced by Sajid Nadiadwala
Written by Nitesh Tiwari, Piyush Gupta, Nikhil Mehrotra
Starring Sushant Singh Rajput, Shraddha Kapoor, Varun Sharma, Tahir Raj Bhasin, Naveen Polishetty, Tushar Pandey, Prateik Babbar, Saharsh Kumar Shukla, Saanand Verma, Mohammad Samad
Music by Songs: Pritam
Background Score: Sameer Uddin
Cinematography Amalendu Chowdhury
Edited by Charu Shree Roy
Production Company Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment
Distributed by Fox Star Studios
Release date 6 September 2019
Running time 143 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi
Budget 45 – 58 crores
Box office est. 215 crores