Coronavirus (COVID-19) helps the environment from the pollution – Report says

The Coronavirus (COVID-19), which has infected more than 450,000 people and spread throughout the World, impacts every human being in this world. Every country is lockdown due to this Corona Situation. Due to the lockdown, there are several things changed in the human’s life. All the cities are closed, no transportation happened in India as well as all over the World. China and Italy even India is under the complete lockdown situation.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) and Climate Negotiations:

Due to the lockdown caused by COVID-19, it says that pollution is decreasing. As we think only from India, 131 Billion people stay at their home. All the shops, roads are closed. The air pollution is reducing gradually. The places like Mumbai, people can see the birds, and even they admit that nature has taken a breath due to this coronavirus.

Not only the Air Pollution but also it is good to see that the water body i.e beach, the ocean is getting their own face. Juhi Chawla, a famous Bollywood actress, shares some videos from Juhu beach in Mumbai, India. Where the dolphins are seen on that Juhu Beach after a long time.

Not only that another tweet from a Twitter user, Heaven from china, but he has also shared some pictures located in Central City of China-Wuhan with green trees and blue skies.

As our Prime Minister has announced for 21 days lockdown to prevent the Coronavirus (COVID-19), during those days, nature will take a breath with his own spirit.

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What changes happen due to corona?

This Coronavirus (COVID-19) has changed a lot of things in our daily life. As this situation makes a huge impact on Several industries, daily waivers but besides this, some changes happen which might help to build the community.

3% of global man-made carbon emissions from shipping but due to this COVID-19, the shipping is completely stopped and some percentage of Pollution will reduce.

Our report says, most of the people stay at their home and work from their home. Most of the people spend their time with their family.

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