Coronavirus(COVID-19) – Something Different, Make us united

Nowadays coronavirus(COVID-19) cases are increasing at an alarming rate. To stop the spreading of this virus government has announced shutdown till all the situation comes in under control.

Just before this virus attack, there were many religious conflicts in our country. The conflicts arise from the application of NRC and then CAA. Though CAA was created at the time of Jawaharlal Nehru, it is applied in 2019 as the order given from Supreme Court. Let it be, as it is not our topic to be discussed. The main thing is that due to these Acts many peoples came in front to protest and it creates a space between the different religious peoples in India. There are also many Hindu-Muslim conflicts and also their protest turns into violence. It has been also seen that India which is a secular country, there is a division of peoples according to their religion.

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But after the virus attack, all the peoples in India comes to close and being united to prevent and fight against this virus because of the fear. This fear helps to unite the peoples in this deadly situation. Peoples forget every conflict and help each other to stay safe in this situation. All the peoples follow the words of the government and unitedly they stay at home to maintain the shutdown. The shutdown also stops the riot which was done previously due to NRC and CAA between the different religious peoples. And a misunderstanding was created which has stopped due to this. Now peoples are tenser for corona than other problems. So we can say that corona binds everyone in a single thread and make India again a united, Secular, Sovereign country in the World. Though the corona is very dangerous it does a little bit good things like in the previous blog we told about less pollution as compared to normal days.

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