Indian Drishti Video Conferencing App Developed by Arnab Modak

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“Drishti Video Conferencing App” developed by a 16 years old Bengal Boy, an Alternative of Zoom App

As the Indian Government has banned 59 Chinese apps along with the most popular and most used apps like TikTok, SHAREit, Cam Scanner, Zoom etc. to counter the threats from Chinese technologies. In this situation, a sixteen years old boy from Radhanagar village of Ghatal, Arnab Modak develop a video calling app named “Drishti.” This app is available in Google Play Store.

About Man Behind Drishti App

Arnab Modak lives in Radhanagar village of Ghatal. He studies in class X in Jatsara Ramakrishna High School in Ghatal. He wants to study Software in the upcoming future.

He wants to do something after giving the secondary examination. In this mid-time, COVID-19 makes the whole situation unhealthy. He heard about the Indo-Chinese conflicts and worried about the ban of so many great apps. Among them, many apps are used for online classes. He decided to develop an indigenous alternative video conferencing app for Indian users.

He aims to become a software engineer. He is obsessed with his incomputable working of the computer. His family, as well as his friends, are well aware of this. He had also launched a YouTube channel that ran successfully. He has a deep and broad knowledge of computer applications and mobile apps. His parents and other family members are all very proud of his achievements.

Working Efforts and Working Hours for developing this app

He thought if an app can be made. Then He started working. In the last two and a half months, he spent 16 to 18 hours daily behind his project of creating an App, named “Drishti.” Arnab has successfully launched Drishti Video Conferencing App in the market.

Google has already acknowledged the liability of “Drishti” app. “Drishti” app is rated 3.5 by the global mobile app, the International Age Rating Coalition (IARC) and digitally delivered games rating organization. “Drishti” app is also available at Google play store. And you can be downloaded free of cost.

About Drishti Video Conferencing App

“Drishti” is a video conferencing app that made in India. It is an entirely free, easy and secure app. Besides using encrypted technology, it is also added with an extra security layer for user’s data secureness. It also restricts to take a snapshot and screen recording during the video conference. Drishti uses the free and open-source of Jitsi server for the encryption and backend processing. Jitsi promises to provide better quality with low latency. Against the Chinese apps, there were uncountable allegations of hacking and stealing information. But Arnab claims that “Drishti” app is far more safe and secure than other apps.

Features of Drishti Video Conferencing App

This free, easy and secure video conferencing app provides the following features.

Drishti Video conferencing app

  • It has an easy interface.
  • It has no time limit for a conference.
  • During the video conferencing, user can chat also.
  • The meeting is protected with a password.
  • You can join a meeting without login, but you need a password to enter.
  • In video conferencing, more than 78 teams can participate at a time from all over India.
  • It is possible to video conference and chats with 100 people at a time for as long as one wishes to.
  • This app is specially optimized for Android, and it has scheduling facilities.

Final thought

So, this is all for today. We, Blogsrocks, make our best effort to bring comprehensive information about a 16 years old Bengal Boy who developed a video conferencing app called “Drishti.” If you support ‘Boycott Chinese’ and ‘Made in India’, then it’s time to support Indian talents like Arnab Modak. But sadly it is unnoticed.

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