GMAT or GRE for MBA: Which is Best Test for MBA Exam

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The GMAT test is prepared specifically for business school applicants. The GRE test is a test that can gain students admittance to graduate programs across all subjects, including the MBA. Commonly, the GMAT has taken precedence over the GRE. These days, a significant number of international business schools will accept both tests. Here’s a look at each exam, and some of their core differences.

Know About GMAT

The GMAT or Graduate Management Admission Test is an essential part of the business school application process. The GMAT is a multiple-choice and computer-adaptive exam often required for admission to graduate business programs (MBA) globally. GMAT verbal places greater emphasis on logic, grammar, and reasoning. If math isn’t your strength, GMAT quant is harder. It has content:

  1. Analytical Writing section with one essay: 30 min
  2. Integrated Reasoning section: 30 mins
  3. Quantitative section: 62 mins
  4. Verbal section: 65 mins

Total scores range from 200-800. The mean score among 750k test-takers between 2013 and 2015 was 552, while a score of 700 would have put you in the 89th percentile. This score validates for five years.

Know about GRE

The GRE General Test is the generally accepted graduate admissions test worldwide. It is a test for both graduate and business school. GRE test places more focus on vocabulary, making it easier for native versus and non-native English speakers. If math isn’t your strength, the GRE could be more suited to you. This test offered as a computer adaptive by section exam. Paper version only provided in areas of the world where computer-delivered testing is not available. It has content:

  1. Analytical Writing sections: 2×30 minute essays
  2. Verbal Reasoning sections: 2×30 mins
  3. Quantitative Reasoning: 2×35
  4. The 30-35-minute experimental section that can be either math or verbal

Test scores from 130-170 in 1 point increments for verbal and quantitative reasoning sections; scores from 0-6 in analytical writing. This score validates for five years.

The GRE test is required for admission to most graduate schools and a growing number of business schools.

The GMAT test is prepared for admission to most business schools.

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Difference between GMAT or GRE for MBA: 

As a more versatile test, the GRE has less of a focus on math and includes a calculator for its problems. However, for those for whom English is not their first language, the verbal section may be more challenging than the GMAT’s, as it emphasizes vocabulary rather than on grammar.

GRE or GMAT for mba preparation
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The GMAT is a computer-based test – this means that the questions you answer correctly, or incorrectly, the difficulty level of the issues that follow. During the GMAT, students can’t go back and review their previous answers. The GRE, meanwhile, is not a computer-adaptive test and allows students to check their previous answers.

The GRE and GMAT have more in common than they have differences. To succeed at either, you’ll need mastery of essential math—algebra, arithmetic, geometry, data analysis, reading, and critical reasoning skills and efficient test-taking strategies.

Test selection for GMAT or GRE for MBA? 

Generally, the GMAT suits those who have strong quantitative and analytical skills, who also excel at interpreting data presented in charts, tables, and text to solve complex problems. The GRE math section tends to be more straightforward and, unlike the GMAT, includes a calculator for all quantitative problems. Influential editors may gravitate to the GMAT’s verbal section while test-takers with strong vocabularies may prefer the GRE. Both tests have their “oddball” question types—Quantitative Comparison on the GRE and Data Sufficiency on the GMAT—that will take some prep to get used to.

How can I choose between GMAT or GRE for MBA? 

The best way to choose whether the GMAT or GRE for MBA is better suited to your abilities is to practice tests for each exam. Getting into business school is competitive. Suppose you don’t want to take an actual GRE or GMAT sight unseen. We offer full-length computer-adaptive diagnostic tests for both the GRE and GMAT.

Final Thought: 

No matter which tests between GMAT and GRE you decide to take for an MBA, you’ll need to prepare to get a score that admissions officers can’t ignore. We have preparations for both the GMAT and GRE to ensure you get the best score possible.

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