GoDaddy Hacked 2020: Disclosing Data Breach

GoDaddy Hacked 2020; World’s largest domain with more than 19 million customers, 77 million managed domain and millions of websites of GoDaddy has disclosed data breach by an unknown hosting account.

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On 23rd April 2020, it is identified usernames and passwords had been compromised by an unknown hosting account. This affected 28000 customers. By resetting the usernames and passwords GoDaddy authority removed the unknown hosting account from the platform. GoDaddy CISO, vice-president of engineering revealed that suspicious activity was identified on the GoDaddy server by breaking down the security. GoDaddy email said that the unknown authority is limited to some hosting accounts. But they cannot reach to customer personal information stored in the server. There was no evidence about modifying of missing any files but not sure if files were viewed or copied. The attackers have been blocked from the GoDaddy server and with regards, GoDaddy updates all the affected hosting accounts and provide them with free security. 

What would customer do?

Immediate Action:

As GoDaddy already have updated the account passwords and removed attacker’s key, but it is strongly recommended to change the site’s database password. It will not only prevent the attacker to access sites via SSH but also difficult to modify the same account.

The credential database could be used to gain control over this hosting accounts so it needs to be modified. GoDaddy allows many of the hosting accounts to remote the database connections, so the customer can check their site for authorized administration. It will help in the near future.

Remain Vigilant:

Millions of users of GoDaddy might be worried about what they will receive notification from their hacked hosting account. So GoDaddy recommended being careful at the time of clicking links or any actions in emails ensure to end up the attack under this condition.

There are a few key things to check whether you are the target of this cyber-attack.

  • Check the email’s header whether it really comes from GoDaddy domain or not. If not then be sure it is an attempt from the attacker.
  • A large number of misspellings in the email indicates the presence of an attacker. Look carefully everything in the email for own safety.
  • GoDaddy’s security should not scare you, it provides you with information for your help. It means that if you got an email from Godaddy giving you a threat or something scaring then don’t give any response, it may be attacker’s attempt.

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If you cannot verify email, directly go to GoDaddy website and contact customer care for better help. This will make secure your account for your GoDaddy hacked account.

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