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Virat Kohli has become one of the greatest cricketers of all time. In 2008, the table of Cricket turned towards the Indian side because a young sensation entered the international field from Delhi for the first time. The cricketing world witnessed a new talented cricketer on 18 August 2008 in the form of Kohli. He entered the international arena against Sri Lanka for the first time in an ODI match.

Virat didn’t have the best start to his career because of his father’s death during the Ranji Trophy match, but overcoming the worst part of his career, Virat never looked back. Currently, he is the best Cricketer in the world with no doubts. Since 2008 to present, Virat has scored more than 18,000 international runs which are rarely possible for a cricketer. And his age is just 30.

There are many interesting facts about this man which every cricket fan should know. So, we, Blogsrocks, will tell about 18 most interesting facts about Virat Kohli in today’s article.

18 Interesting Facts about Virat Kohli

Wearing the Indian jersey with number 18 on back, we, Blogsrocks, has found out 18 Interesting Facts about Virat Kohli. The facts are as follows.

Virat Kohli

Kohli’s nickname is Cheeku.

Almost everyone knows about Kohli’s nickname as Dhoni called him Cheeku in the field and sometimes it is audible from the stump mikes. But did you know actually who gave him the name Cheeku? We will tell you the answer. The Cheeku name was given by former Delhi coach Ajit Chaudhary when Virat joined the Ranji team of Delhi.

Dedication towards Cricket

Virat is a dedicated player of team India. He was also a dedicated player in the past. In 2006, He played a Ranji match against Karnataka. He was batting infield when he got the news about the death of his father. If he wants, he can easily run from there, but he chooses Cricket. He batted on and scored 90 runs in that match.

Captain of U-19 Team India

Before getting chance in team India, he played for team India of Under-19 in 2008. There, he captained the Under-19 team India in the U-19 World Cup. And under his captaincy team, India lifts the under-19 World Cup for the second time.

Virat was the first-ever Cricketer to score a century on his debut World Cup in 2011

Virat scored his debut World Cup century against Bangladesh in 2011 World Cup. So far, Virat Kohli has scored 43 ODI centuries, seven more needed to break the Sachin’s record.

Virat scored his first-ever World Cup century against Bangladesh in the 2011 World Cup. His innings of 100 runs in just 83 balls helped team Indian to start the 2011 World Cup with a win.

Virat Kohli reached the milestone of 10,000 ODI runs very fast.

Virat beat Sachin Tendulkar to become a fastest 10,000 run-scorer ever in ODIs. Sachin Tendulkar is a legend cricketer in the world. Sachin Tendulkar scored 10,000 runs in ODIs by taking 259 innings. Whereas, Virat just took 205 innings to score 10,000 runs in ODIs and became the fastest ever Cricketer to reach this milestone.

Virat took 54 innings fewer to break Sachin’s record. It is also expected that Virat is the only Cricketer who can beat the record of 49 centuries of Sachin in ODIs in the upcoming future.

Virat is the only player never to be auctioned IPL.

Since 2008, Virat Kohli has been playing for Royal Challengers Banglore in IPL. The number can know the consistency of a cricketer of franchises in the Indian Premier League he has played for. Virat Kohli is considered as a remarkably consistent player as he has played for Royal Challengers Banglore since 2008.

Virat is the only Cricketer who has never been auctioned in the history of IPL. During the first season of IPL in 2008, each team was supposed to pick a cricketer from the under-19 Indian team. RCB bought Virat for the first time in the auction. Since then, RCB hasn’t let him go. Virat is the second-highest run-scorer after Suresh Raina in 11 years of the IPL.

Virat Kohli has kept wickets twice in his career.

Virat Kohli has played the role of Indian wicket-keeper for two times. Once, when MS Dhoni was at the bowling end. MS Dhoni took off his pads and decided to bowl against South Africa in Johannesburg on day four in the dying stages of the first Test. Then Virat Kohli kept wickets in place of Dhoni. It is a unique sight to see MS Dhoni having the ball and rolling his arm over from the crease for the Indian fans.

During a match against Bangladesh at Dhaka, Virat donned the gloves while MS Dhoni took a break to answer the call of nature. And it is the second and last time when Virat kept wicket-keeping.

Virat Kohli scored the fastest ODI century ever as an Indian.

Virat made the record of scoring the fastest century ever in One Day Internationals for India. The right-handed batsman Virat reached the 100-run mark in just 52 balls and achieved the record of fastest century in an ODI match against Australia at Jaipur in 2013.

By his excellent innings, he helped team India pull off a record chase of 362. Kohli has proved his worth against the most successful team in the world by scoring a mountain of runs. He played a fantabulous inning that day.

Virat Kohli is the only Asian captain who win tests in England, Australia and South Africa.

MS Dhoni handed over the captaincy of the Indian Test team to Virat Kohli in the year 2015. He carried forward the heritage of MS Dhoni and is probably better than the U-19 World Cup-winning captain in the best possible way.

Kohli is the only Asian captain who has won Test series in England, Australia, and South Africa. He has proved himself as a mastermind of Cricket at the present century. Virat is the first Asian captain who wins a test series in Australia in 2019 and lifts the Border-Gavaskar trophy for the first time in Australia. Also, he had won Test each in England and South Africa earlier in 2018.

Virat Kohli is the only Cricketer who scores 500 runs in a bilateral ODI series.

During the series against South Africa in 2018, he became the first Cricketer to score more than 500 runs in a bilateral ODI series. At the age of 30, he has etched his name on every page of the record books by scoring 558 runs in 6 matches. With his innings, Virat helped India win the series by 5-1. There is probably any record that has been unbroken by Virat – the run machine.

ICC ODI Cricketer of the Year

Virat Kohli

In 2012, at the age of 23, Virat was named as the ICC ODI Cricketer of the Year.

Virat loves Tattoos

Kohli loves tattoos. He has four tattoos on his whole body. He has two tattoos in his two hands named as a golden dragon and samurai warrior. The samurai warrior is the favourite one. These tattoos are assumed to bring good luck to him.

Virat’s favourite recipe

We are sure that you didn’t know about Virat’s favourite food. He loved to eat mutton biryani and kheer, especially when his mother cooked it.

Arjuna Award winner

Arjuna Award is given to recognise outstanding achievements by the Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports. It was given in the year 1961 for the first time, and the prize money is 5,00,000, with a scroll and a bronze statue of Arjuna. In the year 2013, Virat was honoured with the Arjuna Award by President Pranab Mukherjee.

Top Sportsperson

cricket lover virat

SportsPro has rated Virat Kohli as the 13th most marketable sportsperson in the world. Including with Cristiano Ronaldo and Usain Bolt, now Virat Kohli is also in the list of the most marketable sportsperson.

Top Dressed International Men

In 2012, Virat was named as one of the 10 Best Dressed International Men. The list has included US President Barrack Obama and now the name Virat Kohli is enlisted into it.

Hobbies of Virat loves to do

Besides playing Cricket, Virat plays lawn tennis and sometimes football too. During education, his favourite subject was English and History. He loves to listen to Punjabi songs.  

Records made by Virat

Under the age of 22, Virat is the third Indian Cricketer to score two centuries in ODIs. Also, he is the fastest player to reach 17 centuries in ODIs. In 146 ODIs, he has scored 6208 runs including 21 centuries with the highest score of 183. In Tests, he has scored 1855 runs including six centuries in just 29 matches.


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