Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19): Definition, Symptoms, Cause, Treatment

Novel Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) is spreading tremendously in 2020. Coronavirus disease is an infectious disease which is caused by the newly named virus Corona-virus.   The origin of this Corona disease was the Wuhan City of China. At the beginning of 2020, thousands are inflicted with this disease and 16,748 people were dead and still counting. The whole world is infected gradually by this demon virus Novel Coronavirus. The WHO (World Health Organization) has declared it a Pandemic. Here our team had gathered some interesting information regarding Novel Coronavirus.

Coronavirus COVID-19

Definition of Coronavirus:

Any of a family which is known for Coronaviridae of single Standard RNA Virus that can infect mammals through a common cold and respiratory infection. Coronavirus is denoted as COVID -19. This disease causes respiratory illness.

Symptoms of Coronavirus (COVID-19):

This COVID-19 coronavirus spreads like flu. Let’s discuss the common symptoms for this disease which helps you keep in mind.

  • A High temperature (Fever): As this virus is one type of Flu, it impacts our respiratory system first and it starts with a viral fever. The basic symptoms of this coronavirus are cough and cold, high fever, shortness of breath.
  • Non-respiratory Problem: Besides this viral fever, there are other symptoms like Diarrhea, sneezing, vomiting, etc.
  • A Continuous Cough: Continuous Cough that means repeatedly coughing and Feeling Tiredness is another symptom of Coronavirus.

What causes a coronavirus (COVID-19) Infection?

Actually, Coronavirus spreads from an animal. Humans first infected by an animal. Then it spreads from humans to peoples. As per WHO reports, there is no official cause for coronavirus infection.

Coronavirus test

This COVID-19 can be spread through contact with bodily fluids like a droplet of cough, sneezing. Another most important cause is touching something infected thing or persons.

Why Coronavirus become the Pandemic:

In 2020 this coronavirus has been declared as a Pandemic situation as per WHO. This infection is infected through one person to another person. Almost 391,935 cases have been marked and 17,136 deaths happened As per march, 2020 Report from

Coronavirus infected country
Infected Situation in the World Due to Coronavirus -wikipedia


Treatment for Coronavirus COVID-19:

This is the worst thing in Today’s World that proper medicine is not invented yet to prevent this virus. Scientists are carrying out their research to understand the virus and trying to find out the solution. But the common treatment is followed to prevent this disease that Home quarantine. As per report 102,843 had been recovered from this infection. The common treatments for coronavirus are:

Coronavirus test

  • Stay at Home: Staying at home is the safest way to prevent this virus. A virus cannot be spread without contact.
  • Keep Sanitizer and Mask: Always keep Sanitizer to wash your hands and safe from carrying viruses through your hands. During Sneeze, always use Mask. Mask can also prevent pollution.
  • Keep Distance at least 1 meter: Keep maintain Distance from one to another minimum 1 Meter.

Our opinion for Coronavirus (COVID-19):

Coronavirus not only humans, but it also makes a huge impact on the World’s Economy growth. Everyone stays at home and companies are working their employees from home. It is huge respect towards the Nurse, Doctors, Police, and other dignitaries who are trying their whole effort to cured the patients and safe from this demon disease.

Mask of Coronavirus covid19 2020

Every city in Different countries are locked down and the communication of the cities are stopped. The health checkup camps are taking place in different places like Airports, Railways stations, etc. Everyone is requested to stay at their home and if any problem occurs, they are asked to visit their nearest hospital for their checkup.

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