Online Internship – What is Internship and How to Apply in 2020

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Are you looking for an internship? Wanted to know about the best place for an online internship? Then follow this article. Today we’ll make a brief discussion on internships in India. Nowadays, jobs are like a victory cup; candidates have to run or participate in this game and try harder to get the cup. But in this way all are not get succeed, many of them losses their strength. At this time, an internship can give them a new light. Not only for career-focused persons but also for students who want to do something, they can also do internships. Let’s begin

What is an Internship? 

An internship is an official program offered by an employer to a potential candidate. That is called interns, to work at a firm for a fixed period. Interns are usually offered for undergraduates or students, and most internships last between a month and three months. Internships are often part-time if offered during a university semester and full-time if provided during the vacation periods (Summer/ Winter).

An internship should give you skills, experience, and more excellent knowledge of that industry, in exchange for the employer benefiting from your labor. An internship can be paid or non-paid. As you would expect, internships that pay well are usually the most competitive.

Benefits of Internship: 

By getting an internship, anyone gets many benefits, like –

i) The practical work experience interns receive is invaluable. It cannot be obtained in a classroom setting, making this one of the essential benefits of internships. Interns can learn valuable work experience through an internship period.

ii) Exploring a career path is an integral part of the college experience. Internships are a massive way for students to acquaint themselves with the field they are interested in.

iii) You can get a lot about your strengths and weaknesses during an internship period. You can change your fault to your strengths and develop or refine skills.

iv) Internship experience makes a college grad more marketable as they usually require less training and can handle more responsibilities. Internships can give you an edge in the job market.

v) An internship is an opportunity to apply what you have learned in a safe environment where mistakes are expected – rather than acquire the hard way in your first job out of college.

Internship Certificate

Internship certificates are usually provided upon those interns who complete their training at a particular institution or business. It’s proof of the duration, credentials, and other job details of the internet. This is regarded as a critical document once we are done with our education.

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Here’s the list For Best Online Internship Places in India:

Internshala – Online Internship 


This is one of the famous and the first website where all students or job seekers with no previous experience should usually start at. Internshala was founded in 2010 by Sarvesh Agarwal and is India’s largest internships and training platform with over 8 million students as users. Students can also use the site to enroll in different training programs. Like Digital Marketing, Web Development, Ethical Hacking, Python, and many other options. Internshala announced to provide free intern for healthcare stuff’s children. Students can choose their choice on this platform.

“As the students are not able to attend regular classes, through this they can make productive use of their time to learn a new skill or build a project. In fact, based on a UNESCO report, 1.37 billion students all over the world are out of school and colleges right now due to Covid-19 and online learning has to step in to support the students at such a critical time,” – Sarvesh Agrawal, the founder, and CEO of Internshala.

Linked In


LinkedIn is a popular community of professional networks that are well-known for the best internships. This platform founded by Reid Hoffman, Allen Blue, Konstantin Guericke, Jean-Luc-Valliant, and Eric Ly. This company connects working professionals on a single platform and allows them to communicate professionally. However, most people don’t know that this website also allows people to apply for internships. You can learn at your own pace through video courses. You can also earn a certificate of completion or CPE credits for continuing professional education for some classes. You can unlock features of LinkedIn Premium if you enrol in the monthly membership. You can have the membership for a free trial for a certain amount of days if you’ve never tried it, but then have to pay. It’s nice if you just want to take a bunch of courses, but don’t want to commit to enrolling in a course at a University, and there are a variety of types you can take.

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InternWorld is the largest internships website in India that provides internships, freelance jobs, part-time jobs, and also full-time opportunities along with some useful information on interviews and placements. With its PAN India presence, Internworld offers extensive range opportunities all across the country. It also helps students in nurturing their skills by conducting workshops with industry experts.

Lets Intern

Lets Intern

This is also another popular platform that students can use to get the best services. This website provided students to get some of the best internships, also from several large organizations like Tencent Game, The Indian Express, Emerson, Big Basket, Comic Con India, Big Basket, Myntra, PVR Cinemas, and many other organizations. It is quite easy to register on this website as you have to fill out the registration popup form.


This is another excellent website that allows students and working professionals to find the right jobs and internships. There are millions of options to choose from. To start the application process, you have to make an ID and password. This website also allows users to post reviews about various companies and compare salaries of different positions.

Final thought: 

These are all the top five websites you should check out if you are excited to apply for an online internship. We have tried to make this list as informative as possible, but if you think anything you would like to suggest, feel free to comment it down below. Thanks for reading our article. You can join our Facebook page and Twitter to getting the latest information.