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What is PCOD?

PCOD (Polycystic Ovarian Disease)/ PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome) has taken the world of girls by means of storm. It is a foremost sickness regarding a large number of younger ladies in India presently. PCOD strikes typically at an early age; therefore, an enormous quantity of younger adults go through this problem. This is a frequent endocrine sickness of unknown aetiology, affecting 5-10% of ladies of reproductive age.

The common age crew struggling from PCOD varies between 18 and 45 years. It is necessary for the adolescence to recognize this sickness at its onset, alongside with the reasons and implications in the future.

PCOD is characterised through a couple of small cysts in the ovaries. It makes the ovary enlarges and leads to immoderate manufacturing of androgen and estrogen hormones inflicting quite a number of bodily problems. 

The hormonal imbalance creates troubles in the ovaries. The ovaries make the egg that is launched every month as a section of a healthful menstrual cycle. With PCOD, the egg might also no longer enhance as it must, or it might also now not be launched at some stage in ovulation as it ought to be. PCOD can purposefully ignore or irregular menstrual periods.

Irregular periods cause different types of malfunctions in the body. The main problem behind this disease is infertility in women.

Causes of PCOD

The actual reason for the PCOD is still unknown. But a bad sedentary lifestyle is a cause behind PCOD. Two important hormone effects on PCOD.

High ranges of androgens: Androgens are now and again known as “male hormones,” though all girls make small quantities of androgens. Androgens manage the improvement of male traits, such as male-pattern baldness. Women with PCOS have extra androgens than normal. Higher than ordinary androgen ranges in girls can prevent the ovaries from releasing an egg (ovulation) all through every menstrual cycle, and can purpose more hair increase and acne, two symptoms of PCOS.

High ranges of insulin: Insulin is a hormone that monitors how the meals you devour are modified into energy. Insulin resistance is when the body’s cells do no longer reply commonly to insulin. As a result, your insulin blood degrees grow to be greater than normal. Many girls with PCOS have insulin resistance, mainly these who have obese or obesity, have unhealthy consuming habits, do now not get sufficient bodily activity, and have a household record of diabetes.  

8 Types Symptoms of PCOD

 The symptoms are common, and identifying the disease is very difficult.

  • Irregular periods: It is the most common and easily detectable symptom in PCOD. A normal woman forms 10-11 eggs in a year, but in case of PCOD, the women can develop less than eight eggs in a year.
  • Acne: Not everyone but maximum ladies with PCOD suffer severe acne problems in their face. The reason for acne is mainly hormonal imbalance.
  • Hair loss: This is also a vital symptom of PCOD. In severe conditions, some women suffer from dandruff and alopecia.
  • Period cramps and heavy bleeding: Although maximum women face period cramps during period days instead of that some PCOD patients suffer from crucial period cramps. The uterine lining is made up for a longer period of time, so periods can be heavier.
  • Hair growth: As the endocrine hormone dominate, so 70% of women with PCOD grows hair on the back, chest, belly areas.
  • Weight gain: 80% of women are overweight or obese in PCOD.
  • Mood swings: This is not a joke. Take it seriously. Hormonal imbalance causes emotional fluctuation. Mood swings refer to speedy adjustments in mood. The time period can also refer to minor every day temper modifications or temper adjustments as considered with emotion issues such as predominant depression or bipolar depression. Mood swings can additionally show up in ladies who go through from premenstrual syndrome(PMS).

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How PCOD effect on your body

Having higher-than-normal androgen tiers can have an effect on your fertility and different components of your health.

Infertility: To get pregnant, you have to ovulate. Women who don’t ovulate generally don’t launch as many eggs to be fertilized. PCOS is one of the reasons for infertility in female.

Metabolic syndrome: Up to eighty percentage of ladies with PCOS are obese or chubby. Both weight problems and PCOS amplify your danger for excessive blood sugar, excessive blood pressure, low HDL (“good”) cholesterol, and excessive LDL (“bad”) cholesterol.

Together, these elements are known as metabolic syndrome, and they expand the hazard for coronary heart disease, diabetes, and stroke.

Sleep apnea: This situation causes repeated pauses in respiratory at some stage in the night, which interrupt sleep.

Sleep apnea is greater frequent in the female who is obese — particularly if they additionally have PCOS. The hazard for sleep apnea is 5 to 10 instances greater in chubby females with PCOS than in these except PCOS.

Endometrial cancer: During ovulation, the uterine lining sheds. If you don’t ovulate each month, the lining can construct up. A thickened uterine lining can enlarge your threat for endometrial most cancers.

Depression: Both hormonal modifications and signs like undesirable hair increase can negatively have an effect on your emotions. Many with PCOS stop up experiencing despair and nervousness.

Diagnosis of PCOD:

Maximum patients are detected during their conceive period or irregular periods. Diagnosis is easy. Mainly ultrasonography of the lower abdomen detects the cysts in the ovaries. Besides USG, blood tests are also prescribed. Blood tests include LH, FSH, insulin, cholesterol etc. 

Treatment of PCOD

 If you are suffering from PCOD/PCOS, and reading the above content and feeling stressed, then stop worrying. Because stress is the reason for PCOD. Stop to get stress in every matter. PCOD/PCOS can be cured. Consult a good gynaecologist. The medicinal treatment process is given below: 

Birth control: Taking estrogen and progestin day by day can restore an everyday hormone balance, adjust ovulation, relieve signs and symptoms like extra hair growth, and shield towards endometrial cancer. These hormones come in a pill, patch, or vaginal ring.

Metformin: Metformin is a medicine used to deal with kind two diabetes. It additionally treats PCOS by way of enhancing insulin levels. One learned about observing that taking metformin whilst making adjustments to food regimen and exercising improves weight loss, lowers blood sugar, and restores an everyday menstrual cycle higher than modifications to eating regimen and exercising on my own.

Tips to cure of PCOD

Hair elimination medicines: A few remedies can help get rid of undesirable hair or quit it from growing. 

Surgery: Surgery can be an alternative to enhance fertility if different remedies don’t work. Ovarian drilling is a process that makes tiny holes in the ovary with a laser or skinny heated needle to fix regular ovulation.

10 Important Tips To Cure PCOD:

Only medicine can’t help you to get rid of PCOD/PCOS. Some lifestyle changes can improve and cure PCOS. If you are a working women, student or housewife, release at least 1 hour in a day for yourself. Some beneficial tips to lose weight and cure PCOS. 

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  1. Consult a dietitian and make a proper diet chart. Regularly visit the doctor. Improve your body.
  2. Join a gym and do exercise on a regular basis. If the gym is expensive or far away from your location, then do 30-45 mins of intense workout in the house with yoga. 
  3. Keep yourself hydrated. Drink 4-5 litres of water a day. 
  4. Eat your food at the right time. Take small and frequent meals. Covert your three big meals into 6-7 small meals.
  5. Shift your eating habit from junk to healthy. Eat at least a seasonal fruit in a day.
  6. Include protein and veggies in your meal. Less intake of high glycemic index foods.
  7. Sleep 8 hours daily at the same time. 10 p.m. to 7 a.m. is the golden hour of sleep.
  8. Keep a 2 hours gap between dinner and bed. Early dinner is suggested.
  9. Meditation and om chanting is good to calm your mood swings.
  10. Keep yourself motivated and think positive. You can practice Surya namaskar yoga daily 12-14 sets to keep positive energy in your body.

Read This Book for Reference:



PCOD is a lifestyle disease, and It can be easily cured by practicing good habits and healthy life. Nowadays, PCOD is a common problem in teenagers and adults. Don’t get stressed at every moment. With PCOD, pregnancy is complicated but not impossible. Consult a good gynecologist and improve fertility. If you are still not feeling good, then I am suggesting a book by Rujuta Diwekar. 


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