Recommended Books for UPSC, WBCS, IAS, IPS Exam Preparation

UNION PUBLIC SERVICE COMMISSION is a central government organization. It is authorized to conducts various national examinations for engineering services, civil services, defence and many others throughout the year. The organization was set up on October 1, 1926, and controlled by the government of India.

To start your preparation, you should know about some best books for UPSC exam needed to boost your knowledge. Today our discussion based on some books, which may help you to build a perfect strategy for your UPSC, WBSC, IAS, IPS Preparation.

List of recommended best books for UPSC, WBSC, IAS, IPS Examination Preparation:

1. NCERT Books VI-XII: 

In the beginning, aspirants should read all subjects in the NCERT books from VI to XII. It helps to give a brief knowledge on any topic. This book contains informative things with short questions, Maps and also helps in answer writings. This is the most important books for UPSC Exam, SSC, IAS, IPS and all kind of competitive exams.

2. Indian Polity by M. Laxmikanth:

This book is too good for aspirants. It straightforwardly and completely covers the Indian Polity area of the paper on General Studies. This book is also useful for certain optional subjects like Public Administration, Political Science, Law, Sociology and Anthropology.

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3. India’s struggle for Independence by Bipan Chandra:

Several books have written by justly famous authors and historians on this topic. It is the dominant strand in any consideration of the history of Modern India. The endeavour has been to present complicated and truly vast material in a brief and easy to understand manner. Therefore, this book consider as one of the best history books for UPSC exam.

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4. Facets of Indian Culture by Spectrum: 

To understand Indian Culture, you have an excellent choice to bring this book on your table. Spectrum Books comprises of a panel of expert editors. They produce books on current efforts and general information like International Organizations: Conferences and Treaties, Public Administration: Theories and Principles, Gandhi, Nehru, Tagore and Other Eminent Personalities of Modern India, and so on. It is mostly studied books for UPSC Exam as well as other competitive exams.

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5. Certificate Physical Geography by G C Leong:

Certificate Physical and Human Geography bring together all the main aspects of physical geography, world climatic and vegetation regions and human geography so that the relationships between them can be readily appreciated. This book can give you a brief discussion of geography.

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6. World Atlas:

A world map is a guide of most or the whole surface of Earth. World maps structure and unmistakable classification of maps because of the issue of projection. Maps by need, misshape the introduction of the Earth’s surface. These mutilations arrive at boundaries in a world map. This book helps aspirants to get knowledge of a plan with their studies.

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7. Indian Economy by Ramesh Singh:

Indian Economy is an essential subject on UPSC general studies. This is a handy book. It has perfect guidance of every little detail related to Economy. Even those who don’t have any knowledge about the topic can comfortable understand this book.

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8. Economic Development & Policies in India by Jain & Ohri: 

UPSC exam is descriptive in the primary process. To get more knowledge in the Indian Economy, you can read this book. It is full of complete details on policies, developments, financial systems etc. This is another important book for upsc exam.

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9. Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning by R S Aggarwal: 

It is a fantastic books for UPSC Exam, WBSC, SSC IAS, IPS examination on general mental ability. This book has been referred to as the prime study-tool for the entire verbal and non-verbal reasoning portion. Beginners can easily comfort with this book.

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