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Crayon Shin-Chan, popular as Shin-Chan is a Japanese cartoon series written and decorated by Yoshito Usui.  It follows the adventures of the 5-year-old Shinnosuke “Shin” Nohara and his parents, baby sister, and is set in Kasukabe, of Japan. It’s first appeared in 1990 in a Japanese weekly magazine called Weekly Manga Action, which was published by Futabasha.

Real Story of Shin-chan:

shin chan cartoonShinchan was 5years old naughty boy who is well-known for his mischief. He has a one-year-old little sister. One day his mother’s sister and he decided to go to supermarket. His mom went inside the supermarket but he and his sister played outside. He saw his younger sister playing near the road with fast-moving car. He ran as fast as he can to save his sister but just to get hit by a fast-moving car on his sister. And both of them died on the spot.

After losing both of her kids Shinchan’s mom was depressed and stayed alone for long time. To get away from her depression she started writing a happy story of the complete family. Later that story was bought by Japanese comedy artist Yoshito Usui and aired on Television. But the last episode was never aired in television the reason is creators don’t want Shinhan fans to know this sad truth. He might have died in this world but he still lives in your heart forever.

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Character of Shin-chan cartoon series:

The following interesting characters help to make our childhood happy and gladful. Those character

Shinnosuke Nohara:

shinchanShinnosuke Nohara is the main character, son of Hiroshi and Misae his nickname name is “Shinchan” Nohara and he is Himawari’s brother, a kindergarten-aged boy whose antics are the basis for the series. His affectionate name by relatives is Shin-chan. He loves chocolate biscuits from the brand “Chocobi”. Nohara inherited more genes from his mother than his father. He is lazy, loves to eat and sleep, imagining things, can’t resist good things, opinionated and brazen which is just like his mother while the only thing the same with his father likes to flirt with young ladies.

Nohara is a very good singer and good baseball and football player. He often exhibits deep affection for his friend Kazama. Some of his strange activities like dressing up. He also causes trouble for others and then criticizes their efforts in covering for him. In general, he is outspoken and very curious. He has little to no shame. There have been several instances in which his antics actually solved the problems of those around him. He also displays talent at singing songs and changing their wordings. Occasionally, he displays bouts of selfless kindness. He is also the leader of the Kasukabe Defense Force.

Misae Nohara:

Misae Nohara, Shinchan’s mother from Kyushu. She cleans, launders, cooks, sews, mothersmisae nohara Shin-Chan and his sister, and lazes. Misae Nohara is a caring and nurturing individual, her positive aspects are often offset by her many shortcomings. She loves to splurge on Himawari and herself, though she is noted to have instances of great generosity. She likes to changes her hairstyles as seen it is sometimes curly and sometimes long and shattered hair.

Hiroshi Nohara:

hirosi noharaHiroshi Nohara, Shin Chan’s father from northern Japan. Also known as Harry, he is a loving father to his two children, and ultimately a devoted husband. He and his wife bicker on many different things, from how little he gets for spending money every month, to whose turn it is to give the baby a bath. He enjoys a playful relationship with his children; but sometimes they’re the source of his problems. He loves a peg of cold beer after work and shares Shin-Chan’s appreciation of TV shows with women in skimpy clothing.

Himawari Nohara:

himawari noharaHimawari Nohara, Shin-Chan’s sister and the youngest child of the Nohara family, born in 1996. She is a precocious and vibrant infant. Her character has matured and grow n more intelligent during her stay in the series.


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