Shutdown, Lockdown Cannot be Enough to Prevent Corona virus

World Health Organization (WHO) told that only this shutdown is not enough to prevent this coronavirus(COVID-19). By the shutdown process, peoples can be isolated from each other. The spreading of the virus can be stopped in these ways but those who are already infected cannot recover until and unless any medicine is produced to stop this virus and heal the infected peoples.

Also, the World Health Organization (WHO) told in a conference that they depend on India for any invention that would fight against this virus and heal the peoples of India as well as other countries. Previously India had fought against two big diseases i.e. Small Pox & Polio and defeat them. India got success to produce anti-biotic of these two deadly viruses.

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From tomorrow the third stage of the virus infection will start in India. In this stage, the virus is more dangerous and spreads very fast. So this time is very crucial for all Indians to be safe and completely stay inside the home for their own safety as well as others. From today the patrolling of polices are getting increased and it is heard that from tomorrow the shutdown will be very strictly maintained. If we want to prevent the virus then we have to very careful at this stage. If we can pause the spreading at this it will stop the spreading at a massive level. In all other countries, the numbers of infected get increased at a massive rate in the third and fourth stages. So it is vital for India and also for us to stay safe. It is also heard that after the third and fourth stage it will be very difficult to heal infected peoples or to be recovered.

In this case, the Shutdown or Lockdown is very good. As the gathering of peoples has stopped and many rules and regulations are there to prevent it. Many precautions are taken to see the current situation to heal or to make a pause in this situation.

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