Story behind the Pokemon – An Epic Computer game

Pokemon is the progression of computer games and anime series created by Game Freak and distributed by Nintendo and The Pokemon Company as a component of the Pokémon media establishment. Today I am going to tell you about the story behind this popular Pokemon video game.

History of Pokemon:

Ash was a 10-year-old brilliant boy and a good student. But he was not like any other regular kids. That why the reason is he was born with a condition of mind called Asperger’s syndrome. It makes the person obsess over certain things to the extreme at the expense of another part of their lives. As a child, he was obsessed with collecting bugs. After that, he started collecting various kinds of pests and insects and did research on them. Looking at his passion for collecting bugs and researching it, his parents think he would become a scientist. Even his classmates started teasing him as “Dr.Bug” after looking at his ultimate bug collection. But he was sure that he’d collect bugs all his life and become a scientist.

But things started to change in his hometown. Soon there were not enough bugs around. His parents are forcing him to give up on bug collection. But ash still has Asperger’s Syndrome which meant that to make his mind happy, and he needs to find something else. Eventually, he found new love, video games. He started skipping classes and spent a massive amount of time playing video games. His parents were shocked, looking at his new habit. They could only imagine “Dr Bug” growing up to be a scientist, but the only future they could see for “Dr Video Game”. He developed his skill as a game developer and slowly worked his way up in the video game world. He even started publishing magazines about video games.

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One day he saw two kids playing against each other on Game Boy’s using a link cable. He got a flash of inspiration his imagination showed him a picture of bugs crawling along the cable, and the idea for Pokemon game came out. He now took his approach to Nintendo and the first pokemon game “Pokemon Red and Green” was released Feb 27, 1996.

Identity of Ash in Pokemon: 

Ash real name is Satoshi Tajiri. He is the creator of Pokemon, and the story of Pokemon is his childhood bug collecting fantasy. The first Pokemon games, Pokemon card, Pokemon ball, Pokemon Red and Green versions gradually started growing, and here we are now in 2020. In 2017, with the latest revolutionary game Pokemon go. In 1987, Satoshi was the only one who was tried to catch the bugs. But time changed and now the millions of people collecting the bugs (Pokemon) along with him.

Millions of people of all ages play this game everyday. They probably no idea that it all started with an inquisitive kid named “Dr Bug”. Pokemon have cards, balls, stickers etc in this list.

Let the world know about the true story of “Dr Bug” and the story behind the legendary game Pokemon. I hope this article brings a smile in your face because of this exciting video game history. Thank you for reading our article, if you want to share more information thing about this topic, kindly comment below. You can join our Facebook page and Twitter to getting the latest information.