Biography of Sundar Pichai

Pichai Sundararajan, well known as Sundar Pichai, an Indian-born American business executive, a computer scientist. He is CEO of both Google Inc. (2015-present) and its holding company Alphabet Inc. (2019-present). He was started his career as a materials engineer and joined Google as a management executive in 2004. He rose to become the company’s Product Chief, then Google’s CEO in 2015, as a part of the restructuring process that made Alphabet Inc. into Google’s parent company, In December 2019, he became CEO of Alphabet Inc.

Sundar Pichai

Early Life of Sundar Pichai:

He was born in Madurai, Tamil Nadu. His mother Lakshmi was a stenographer. His father Regunatha Pichai was an electrical engineer at a British conglomerate GEC. His father also had a producing plant that produced electrical components. Pichai slept together with his brother in the living room of the cramped family home. At an early age Pichai displayed an interest in technology and an extraordinary memory, especially for telephone numbers. After earning a degree in metallurgy (B.Tech. 1993) and a silver medal at the Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, he was awarded a scholarship to study at Stanford University. He remained at the USA thereafter, working briefly for Applied Materials (a supplier of semiconductor materials) and then earning an M.B.A. (2002) from the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, where he was named a Siebel Scholar and a Palmer Scholar, respectively.

Personal Life of Google CEO:

He is married to Anjali Pichai, a chemical Engineer form Kota, Rajasthan. They were classmate at IIT kharagpur. They have two children. He told that his wife has an important role behind his success. Pichai loves football and cricket in sports.

Career of Sundar Pichai :

Following a short stint in engineering and product management at Applied Materials and in management consulting at McKinsey & Company, Pichai joined Google in 2004 as the head of product management and development. He led the product management and innovation efforts for a set of Google’s client software products, including Google Chrome and Chrome OS, which released to the public in 2008, also as being largely liable for Google Drive. He initially worked on the Google Toolbar, which enabled those using the Microsoft Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox web browsers to easily access the Google search engine.  That same year Pichai was named vice president of product development, and he began to take a more active public role.

Google's CEO Sundar Pichai

Sundar’s Journey in Google:

He went on to oversee the development of other applications like Gmail and Google Maps. By 2012 he was a senior vice president, and two years later he was made product chief over both Google and the Android Smartphone Operating System. He was a director of Jive Software from 2011 to 2013. In 2011 Pichai reportedly was combatively pursued for employment by micro blogging service Twitter, and in 2014 he was touted as a possible CEO for Microsoft, but in both instances he was granted large financial packages to remain with Google. He also was known to posses helped negotiate Google’s $3.2 billion deal to acquire Nest Labs in 2014. In August 2015, Pichai was named CEO of Google, which was reorganized as a subsidiary. In December 2019, he was named CEO of Alphabet Inc., replacing Page, who stepped down.

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In 2018, Pichai testified before the US House Judiciary Committee on a wide range of Google-related issued like the alleged, potential political bias on Goggle’s platforms, the company’s alleged plans for a “censored search app” in China.

Sundar Pichai says in social media, he lived in modest house in Chennai, didn’t even own a refrigerator. He is an inspiration for youths and proud of India.


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