Top 5 Best Software for Windows 10, Free to use

Without any software don’t need any computer. There are varieties of software available to complete you job. All the software is not completely Free or Paid. Here this article will help to find out the top 5  best software for windows 10  Now at this Stage there becomes the competition between the paid software or free open-source software. Open-source software allows to manage your job what you want to do in the paid version of the software. But as we know Paid software is advanced rather than the Open-source software. But after reading this article you will get shocked by what we get from the Paid Software? Here are the top 5  software which is free for your job in Windows operating system.

1. Libre Office – alternating of Microsoft Office

Libre Office is the completely open Free software that can compete with the Microsoft Office. LibreOffice is the full Suite for the Office packages. This software comes with the Writing template, Presentation template, even you can get Access and Excel sheet for your Corporate Documentation. You can use this software replacing the Microsoft Office Suite.

Libre Office is completely free and top-rated software among the top 5 best free software for windows 10 from our list so that all the developers contribute their own productivity to Great visualization and Lightweight.

Libre office free software for windows 10

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2.VLC media player – Best Video Player Platform

VLC media is another Open Source software provided by the VideoLAN. This software allows to run all the Video Formant even it can Run 4K video Resolution in your Computer. It can allow boosting your Sound through its inbuild Amplification system. Lightweight and Cool Skin provide the Easy to use layout.

VLC Media Player is widely used as a Video Player software in the last 3 Years’ record. The interesting part of this software, it can allow to download the skins for your own customization. It is another top rated software among the top 5 best free software for windows 10 from our list

VLC Player the best software for windows

Visit VLC Media Player

3. GIMP – Best Photo Editing Tool

GIMP an advance Photo Editing tool which is a very good competitor of adobe photoshop. This open source tool allows to all the multifunction editing like color correction, Banner design, Blur, cropping which feel like the advance editing software.

This tool can full fill your requirement if you don’t want to use adobe photoshop. We recommend not to use nay Crack Software instead of this you can use this Open source software for you Project or your personal Work


Visit GIMP

4. OBS – Mostly used Screen Casting Software

OBS is a software which allows to record the screen. This tool is the screen casting software. This is the open source software which allows to record the entire screen and share this screen live to the Open Network like: YouTube, vimeo which allows to Real live experience to share the screen to the user.

OBS will be best alternative for your gaming, Screen recording which allow to do the best screen casting for all your suitable job or work. It is completely free and among the top 5 software which are Open source and allow to free to use.

OBS Studio for windows 10

Visit OBS Software

5. Audacity – Audio Editing Tool

Audacity another Industry level open source software which allow to edit the Audio, Music editing for the professional level. It can change pitch even change the vocal for the audio editing. This software is not easy to use software which needs some experience to work as a professional.

You can try the audacity for your career and edit like a Sound Engineer. This software allows to export all the supported file format from the .mp3 to high quality audio.

Audacity for windows 10

Visit Audacity Website

This one article is not suitable to share best software for windows 10. Everyday a new software with their best experience comes to the market. We don’t find all the suitable best software all time. So, you can comment some software if you found something new which will help to other. But one thing does not use any crack version of the software. Try to use trial or free alternative, later you can purchase that software and use for your commercial work.