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What is the Future of Education After Coronavirus Pandemic

Future of Education After Coronavirus Pandemic Due to COVID-19, though students have no schools, no exams, more online learning is going on. Many peoples are working from home whereas some have lost their jobs. In...
Usefull tips for Reduce EXAM FEAR

Best Plan to Reduce Exam Fear [7 Most Useful Tips]

Reduce Exam Fear for your Exam Preparation Do you know how to reduce exam fear for your exam preparation? We all know, the study is the most crucial subject for any person, from child to...
Digital Classroom in 2020

Advantages and Disadvantages of Digital Classroom in 2020

Digital classroom in India Technology in schooling is one of the largest improvements that we will ever see. Redefining the scope of getting to know via digital classroom and outreaching the expanse of the world...

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