Street Dancer 3D Review, Casting, Box Office Collection

review of street dancer 3d

Street Dancer 3D, the third in the ABCD line, it sets up all street dancers, many of whom find themselves lost, unemployed and worst of all without hope, homeless and hungry, to win a dance competition. Here is  our Review on the Street Dancer 3D.

Review of Street Dancer 3D:

STREET DANCER 3D begins on a stunning note not to do the stunts in home or any other because in the movie that are performed under the guidance and safty. The introduction piece is well shot and thought of an instantly sets the mood. The introduction of Inayat is quite fun while Nora’s entry will surely rise the temperatures in this cold weather. Nothing much then happens till a point. It’s only when Sahej narrates his Punjab experience to Poddy (Raghav Juyal) that the interest lifts again. The intermission comes at a fine juncture. Before the interval, the film drops but a sensual plot is added when Sahej breaks off from Street Dancers. The immigration bit is touching but logically affects some impact. But the film has lot more to impress. The semi-final sequence is sure to be greeted with claps and whistles. The climax has too much drama and entertainment to grab the viewers attention. The film ends on a touching note with a montage of the SWAT (Sikh Welfare & Awareness Team) and their noble work in London.

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Performance scores of the Actors:

Talking of performances, Varun Dhawan as always is quite entertaining and has a terrific screen presence. And he looks dashing. Shockingly, in comparison to Shraddha Kapoor and Nora Fatehi, he pales when it comes to dance. Shraddha Kapoor looks like a million bucks and is a treat to watch. Her screen time is a bit limited however in the second half. Also, one wished to see some sort of romance between the two as that would have made their fans happy. Nora Fatehi has a very small role but it’s very crucial and it’s bigger than her part in BATLA HOUSE. She is smoking hot and her entry scene is the best out of all actors! Aparshakti Khurana is great and makes sure that he doesn’t go overboard.

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Prabhudheva is effortless. His dance part appears late but once it does, it takes the film to a high! Punit J Pathak is memorable. The rest of the actors playing the role of dancers like Salman Yusuff Khan, Raghav Juyal, Dharmesh Yelonde (D), Sushant Pujari (Shushi), Caroline Wilde (Alisha) etc. are also doing well. The rest of them are also quite good and dance well but don’t get registered much. Francis Roughly is fine in a sort of villainous role. Zarina Wahab (Amarinder’s mother), Murli Sharma and Manoj Pahwa (Chabda) are passable.

Casting, Screenplay, Directors, Budget, Box office collection, Review of Street Dancer 3D:

Directed by Remo D’Souza
Produced by Bhushan Kumar
Krishan Kumar
Lizelle D’Souza
Written by Dialogues:
Farhad Samji
Jagdeep Sidhu
Screenplay by Tushar Hiranandani
Jagdeep Sidhu
Story by Remo D’Souza
Starring Varun Dhawan
Shraddha Kapoor
Prabhu Deva
Nora Fatehi
Music by Songs:
Tanishk Bagchi
Guru Randhawa
Gurinder Seagal
Harsh Upadhyay
Cinematography Vijay Kumar Arora
Edited by Manan Ajay Sagar
Production Company T-Series
Remo D’Souza Entertainment
Distributed by AA Films
Release date 24 January 2020
Running time 141 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi
Budget 70 crores
Box office 97 crores


Street Dancer 3D Full Bollywood movie 2020, Full Story

Street Dancer Full movie download

Street Dancer 3D is an Indian Hindi-language musical dance-drama film of 2020 directed by Remo D’Souza. It is produced by Bhushan Kumar, Krishan Kumar and Lizelle D’Souza jointly under the T-Series banner and Remo D’Souza Entertainment. The film stars Varun Dhawan, Shraddha Kapoor, Prabhu Deva and Nora Fatehi. It is a sequel of ABCD and ABCD 2. The story is about a dance competition between some Indian and Pakistani dancers. Music is composed by Sachin–Jigar, Tanishk Bagchi, Badshah, Guru Randhawa, Gurinder Seagal and Harsh Upadhyay and released under the T-Series banner.

Trailer of Street Dancer 3D:

Story of Street Dancer 3D:

Inder Singh Narula (Punit Pathak) is a dancer of a dance team named as Street Dancer. He is competing in dance at the Ground Zero Battle where his brother Sahej Singh Narula (Varun Dhawan) cheering for him. At the time of doing a flip stunt, he lands on his leg and get injured. In two years, he healed but cannot dance anymore. To give a surprise to his brother, Sahej forms Street Dancer again and converts it into a studio. The part of Street Dancers are Sahej along with one of his close friend Poddy (Raghav Juyal),D (Dharmesh Yelande) and Sushi (Sushant Pujari). The Street Dancer team compete with Inayat (Shraddha Kapoor) and her team, the Rule Breakers. Sahej and Inayat have always been against each other.

In the battle, Rule Breakers beat Street Dancer. Embarrassing Sahej in their old dance moves, Inayat’s cousin Zain (Salman Yusuff Khan), takes her home. Their family is very traditional and Inayat is hiding the truth about her dancing. To beat Rule breakers, Sahej visits the Royals which group is holding the all time winning record at the Ground Zero Competition. His girlfriend, Mia (Nora Fatehi) who is an incredible dancer, is a part of Royals. They discuss about the irritation by Inayat and her team. Giving the solution of this, Mia trains the Street Dancer gang. The two gangs meet up in Ram Prasad a.k.a. Anna’s (Prabhu Deva) restaurant for a cricket match between India (Sahej’s team) and Pakistan (Inayat’s team).

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Thriller moment of Street Dancer 3D:

As the India wins, this leads to a dance battle where Mia shows her moves. The restaurant manager, Ram Prasad a.k.a. Anna calls police to control the fight. As everyone leave, Inayat saw some homeless people are entering in the restaurant from the back door. She follows them to look what happened and meets Ram. He tells that these are illegal immigrants whom he feeds food that is unused. He also takes her to the area where many illegal immigrants are living and tells that they can’t return their home due to money problem. She gets emotional and decides to help them.

One day when Poddy reaches the studio, he sees that some cops are stand around of Sahej and asking him questions. When Poddy asked to Sahej about it, he reveals that in his cousin’s marriage in India, he met Amrinder Mehrotra (Aparshakti Khurana) and his three other friends playing drum in the marriage. He was impressed by seeing their talent. They request Sahej to take them with him to London which he denies. As soon as they offer a huge amount of 40 lakhs he agrees in a minutes as he spend that money to buy the dance studio. Poddy promises to not tell it to anyone. As the Ground Zero Battle returns, Inder order Sahej to participate and win it. Also Inayat decides to participate in this battle so that they can help the illegal immigrants to return their home using the winning amount and Ram supports her too. In the registration period the two gangs meet up again and Ram says that if they become one they can easily win the competition. But both of them deny the offer.

By impressing the Royals with their dance at a nightclub, Sahej, D, Poddy, and Sushi are selected in the Royals. The two gangs meet in the restaurant again and an argument was created which ends up with a battle and Ram’s dancing. Sahej, blinded by his ego, miss the opportunity. Poddy is in a relationship with Alisha, a girl from Inayat’s gang. He comes to know that Inayat’s gang are participating in the Ground Zero Battle so that they can help illegal immigrants by sending them home with the prize money which is a hundred thousand pounds. Poddy tells Sahej about it but Sahej does not believe and fight with him.

Tragic scenes:

Poddy leaves the Royals for this cause and he joins the Rule Breakers. Besides Poddy’s approval Inayat also accepts other members of the Street Dancer in her team. The first round of the competition is easily cleared by both the teams Royals and the Rule Breakers.

As Sahej, D and Shushi gets into a bus, all of a sudden Amrinder meet with Sahej and tell that after he dropped them off, they went to a hostel. All illegal immigrants were staying there and they were chased by the police. Leaving his identity as a Sikh and his passport, he and his three Punjabi drummers joined the homeless people. Now Inayat’s gang were helping them out. He also asks Sahej for helping. But he leaves saying that he does not know him. When D and Shushi asked about it, Sahej scold them and go from there. Both the teams clear the quarter finals and enter into semi-finals. Later, the Royals and Sahej are walking in London where the leader of the Royals accidentally breaks the drums of the drummer. Seeing them, Sahej feels guilty of his deeds.

Semi-final Round scene:

In the semi-final round when Sahej feels that Inayat’s gang is weak against the opponent, he jumps in between their battle and perform to win the round for Rule Breakers. Then he quits the Royals and forms Street Dancer again with all. this cause the heart break of Mia. Suddenly Inayat’s family finds out about her dancing actions and they ban her which is shocking for team. Sahej tells Zain to take him to her house and try to convince her family to let her dance and win the battle to fulfill their goal. Sahej’s this action blossoms a relationship between Sahej and Inayat.

In the final round of the Ground Zero Battle, the Royals performed really well and remind the crowd why they are all time record winner. then comes the performance of Street Dancer and in the middle of their performance suddenly music has stopped. As a member of the Royals take off the music from the set up. In the mean time the host tells that if there is no music, they cannot dance and if they do not dance then Royals are announced to be winner. At that time Amrinder uses his drums with his friends to make music for them to dance. Sahej looks towards them and thanking them. The Street Dancer group then start to dance in Desi-Punjabi Style which makes the crowd crazy. As soon as the leader of the Royals comes to know that his team member took off the music and he orders to puts it back as he did not want to win by cheating.

At the end of their dance, Sahej does that flip stunt in which his brother was injured and he performed that well. Beside his brother he made his country proud by defeat the Royals and wins the competition as Street Dancer and also earns the Royals’ respect. The friendship between Sahej and Inayat begin as they help the immigrants.

Baaghi 3 Action comedy movies – Full Movie Review | Cast

Baaghi 3 is a 2020 Indian Hindi-language of the hindi action comedy movies directed by Ahmed Khan. Produced by Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment and Fox Star Studios, it’s a spiritual sequel to Baaghi (2016) and Baaghi 2 (2018). Baaghi 3 stars Tiger Shroff, Riteish Deshmukh, and Shraddha Kapoor.

As we already know the first part of Baaghi (2016) was block blaster. From there the sequence of Baaghi 2 (2018) and now Baaghi 3 released. In Baaghi (2016) there was a story of love, kidnap & fight for the girlfriend (Named as Siya which role was played by Shraddha Kapoor) of Ronnie (Character name of Tiger Shroff which he played) and the movie was good. This movie is quite action comedy movies in Bollywood.

Baaghi 2 – Story of the Previous Movie

In Baaghi 2 (2018), Ronnie (Character name of Tiger Shroff which he played) and his girlfriend (Named as Neha which role was played by Disha Patani) and there was a child (Named as Shea) of them who was missing. Ronnie was playing the role of army man who got a voice message of Neha where she was wanting help for finding her daughter. The movie starts with finding and as time goes many other related cases come across. Thus it was also quite good. Both two films are full of action and thrillers.

Baaghi 2 Full movie

Story of Baaghi 3 – Full movie:

Now In Baaghi 3, we came to know a new story. Those who already watched the movie know the plot but those who didn’t watch this movie yet, we want to tell them the story in short.

Ranveer “Ronnie” Chaturvedi (Tiger Shroff) is an unemployed goon of this action comedy movies. He features a brother named Vikram Chaturvedi (Riteish Deshmukh). Ronnie rescues Vikram from any bad or dangerous situation. Vikram doesn’t wish to involve himself in fights. Ronnie requests Vikram to require up a police job as his father was within the police years ago.

Ronnie secretly punishes goons as Vikram was timid and doesn’t like violence and for this, Vikram rises to fame for his activities and is well received. Vikram had to fly to Syria for routine paperwork and bids goodbye to his brother. In a video chat, Ronnie witnesses his brother beaten up by two people and as they kidnap him, Ronnie warns that he will destroy them and therefore the country.

Ronnie arrives in Syria alongside his girlfriend Siya (Shraddha Kapoor). They determine that his brother was kidnapped by ISIS whose leader is Abu Jalal Gaza. Ronnie fights his way through helicopters, tanks and much of soldiers. Meanwhile, within the base of Abu Jalal, Vikram explains to him that whenever he was in trouble he wont to scream out his brother’s name. As he screamed Ronnie’s name, Ronnie invades the bottom to save lots of his brother. Ronnie meets up with Vikram and Abu Jalal imprisons Vikram and Siya and as Ronnie gets beaten up, Vikram goes astray and to his surprise, he starts fighting the soldiers. Ronnie executes Abu Jalal.

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Thriller of Baaghi 3 The Action comedy movies:

Rippling muscles, six-pack abs, and a chiselled face. Meet Ronnie – the handsome hunk whose only job is to magically appear from nothingness whenever his elder brother Vikram is in trouble. He will bash up the bad guys to a pulp and return to minding his own business. But during a sudden twist, Vikram is kidnapped by a terrorist organization called Jaish-e-Lashkar in Syria and Ronnie triggers on a rescue mission in this action comedy movies.

Baaghi 3 Full action comedy movies

Director Ahmed Khan wants to make ‘Baaghi 3’ an action comedy movies with elements that highlight his leading man’s brute force and deadly moves. Tiger Shroff, who is clearly one among Bollywood’s most bankable action stars, packs quite a clock in the high-octane action scenes (directed by Ram-Laxman and Kecha Khampadkee). His perfect body and attitude make all the stylized action look real. However, he falls short in emotional scenes and comedy. Shraddha Kapoor looks beautiful and brings in some good comic relief in the first half. But her character isn’t very crucial to the story and hence, she doesn’t have much scope to perform. Riteish Deshmukh has an important role, but his character suffers from a certain handicap, which is never explained. On one hand, he must be constantly protected by his younger brother but on the opposite, he’s also recruited as a policeman despite being so vulnerable. Such inconsistency in his character graph makes it difficult to relate to him. In fact, there are quite a few such loose ends within the story that make it far less convincing.

Music of Baaghi 3:

The action comedy movies music is quite average but thankfully, there aren’t too many songs. Disha Patani sizzles in a scintillating item number that adds a dash of glamour to this stylish actioner. While the action design (by Ahmed Khan) is impressive, the same cannot be said for the shaky camerawork and weak CGI. There is ample acrobatics on display, slo-mo shots, deafening explosions and lethal punches in ‘Baaghi 3’ A Hindi action comedy movies.

Re-making of Dus Bahane 2.0:

Now come to the songs of this action comedy movies. Re-make of “Dus Bahane 2.0” is not bad but the old one is better. And the other songs are not so good, that’s why they did not get so much love from the public. The item song “Do You Love Me” performed by Disha Patani so hot and fabulous that it is loved by today’s young generation. All over this action comedy movies is okay but we must say the first part Baaghi (2016) is far better than released two sequence parts.

Directed by Ahmed Khan
Produced by Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment, Fox Star Studios
Written by Farhad Samji
Screenplay by Farhad Samji, Sparsh Khetarpal, Tasha Bhambra, Madhur Sharma
Story by Sajid Nadiadwala
Starring Tiger Shroff
Ritesh Deshmukh
Shraddha Kapoor
Music by Songs:
Tanishk Bagchi
Rochak Kohli
Pranaay Rijia

Julius Packiam
Cinematography Santhana Krishnan Ravichandran
Edited by Rameshwar S. Bhagat
Production Company Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment, Fox Star Studios
Distributed by Fox Star Studios
Release date 6 March 2020
Running time 143 minutes
Country India
Language Hindi
Box office est. ₹135.07 crore