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drishti conferencing app by arnab modak

Indian Drishti Video Conferencing App Developed by Arnab Modak

“Drishti Video Conferencing App” developed by a 16 years old Bengal Boy, an Alternative of Zoom App As the Indian Government has banned 59 Chinese apps along with the most popular and most used apps...
AI Camera in Smatphones

Advantage of using AI camera in Smartphone for Photography

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming a part of the day to day life. Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being increasingly used not only in camera phones but also in all kinds of cameras. In the...
ada lovelace - first computer programmer

Ada Lovelace – Mathematician, Writer, First Programmer – Biography

Augusta Ada Byron known as Ada Lovelace, the first computer programmer in the 1800s, the daughter of poet Lord Byron, was born on 10th Dec. 1815. The marriage life of Ada’s parents, Lord Byron...

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