Unacademy Learning App – Know About Unacademy App in 2020

Do you know about Unacademy Learning App?

Unacademy Learning App, founded in 2015, is an educational technology company based in Bangalore, India. Unacademy educators consist of either student who has cleared various exams or mentors who have teaching experience. It gives online coaching for various exams of India like IIT JEE, NEET, and UPSC etc. This platform has raised $110 million in a Series E round led by General Atlantic, Sequoia and Facebook. 

We are living in a generation, where education is cover-up with the competition. Anywhere we go; we got rivals and get beginning with a new competition. School, colleges, and universities everywhere, students are running for marks. Everyone wants to be a topper. But when it comes to your career, then! It would be best if you had a perfect guide, a good teacher, a good platform. That can assist you to step in your dream, and Unacademy is one of those best platforms. 

“Our goal is to democratise education and become not just the largest educational organisation but the largest consumer internet story out of India,” – Gaurav Munjal

Who are behind this platform’s founding? 

Unacademy was founded by Gaurav Munjal, Roman SainiHemesh Singh, and Sachin Gupta as an educational YouTube channel. Gaurav and Hemesh were previously running Flatchat, which was acquired by Common Floor in 2014. Roman Saini is an educator, motivational speaker, and former IAS officer.

Is Unacademy Learning App free? 

Unacademy is providing thousands of free courses for their learners. You can refer to them for free. They are made from all sorts of educators. Unacademy has introduced a new thing which is Unacademy plus, where you need to pay some subscription fees to learn more things.

Is Unacademy suitable for UPSC? 

They offer a lot of courses/content for UPSC preparation. Unacademy Learning App has hundreds of essential courses for UPSC. While there are excellent courses on Unacademy from famous educators like Roman Saini, among others, not all courses are of good quality. Although there have many educators who teach various topics in their way and skimpiness, students can note down their topics and solve their problems in the comment section. 

Unacademy Learning App

Which is good between coaching and Unacademy Learning App?

Unacademy Learning App is the best platform but unfortunately not for learners, for educators. Educators make few incomplete free lessons, get the short name, and start paid or Pendrive courses on various other platforms also. Therefore, students are not satisfied with the lessons. But in coaching, they can complete their topics with satisfaction. On the other hand, with subscription learners can get complete lessons. And fees are less than any coaching centers. 

Why Unacademy is the best platform for online education?

It is very popular as India’s largest learning platform. It now has more than 90,000 active subscribers and 70 percent of its users are from tier-II and tier-III cities. It crafted to make curiosity. This new feature will develop student’s thinking capacity and strengthen their understanding of the central concept. Here you can Chat with your teacher, take part in conversations, ask your problems, and answer surveys – all while the class is going on. All courses are structured in line with exam syllabus to help you best prepare for it. Enrol in unlimited classes, get a personalized schedule and never miss a live class with timely reminders. 

What is the start-up got Unacademy Learning App from social media? 

Mark Zuckerberg’s led Facebook is investing money and some platforms like Mesho, Unacademy, etc got a startup. On the investment in Unacademy, Ajit Mohan(vice president and managing director at Facebook India) said,

“we are reinforcing our commitment to the Indian startup ecosystem as well as investing in a company that is transforming learning in India.”

 Why do you want to be an educator in Unacademy Learning App?

The majority of the Unacademy Educators make courses to share their knowledge with lakhs of Unacademy Learners. In the process, they touch, impact, improve and enlighten the lives of many Learners. They get enough salary to teach on this platform. Unacademy currently has more than 1 million videos from over 10,000 educators across the country.

How can you use Unacademy Learning App?

You can download the Unacademy app your smartphones or tablets through this link. Also, you can learn through PC. After that, you need to opt for your goal and admit it, and then you can start learning. You can search for your topic and make sure to take classes every day. 

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