Youttube video streaming at 480p in desktop

Highlights of Video streaming at 480P:

  • Both Android and iOS users have reported Youtube videos at 480p video quality streaming.
  • No official communication from YouTube about this restriction.
  • Last week, YouTube had announced about reducing the default quality to Standard Definition (SD)

YouTube videos Streaming maximum at 480p resolution

COVID-19 has affected the world in many ways. Due to the shutdown period, many people are turning towards the internet to beat boredom. So it led to heavy load on internet infrastructure. Last week, YouTube announced that it is restricting its video quality to Standard Definition (SD) or 480p worldwide to avoid network congestion. Although there has been no official communication from YouTube regarding the restriction some users of both the android and iOS have reported 480p limitations on the respective mobile app. YouTube’s desktop app hasn’t seen any changes so far and users can stream videos above 480p.YouTube streaming at 480P in mobile

This change comes shortly after Google and other companies like Netflix and Hotstar decided to limit the video streaming quality to 480p during the 21 days lockdown period in India. This is a move taken by the companies to decrease the load on the internet traffic. Also, there is an increase of 50% in the use of Facebook and Instagram, so these services also reduce video quality for Facebook and Instagram.

To prevent the COVID-19 government had announced Shut Down for 21 days. In this time period, human beings are staying inside their home. Only in the morning they went for having their daily Bazar and came back. From then on, the whole day spent inside the home. Now, how much a person can watch television or do works or using mobiles if there is no internet service available. But the user of Reliance Jio is everywhere and they use the internet service as well and that’s why the use of the internet is increased during this lockdown period at a massive rate. So there is a huge load on the server and also the surfing speed falls a lot. Due to maintain this load and avoid the congestion and providing a minimum speed to the users, YouTube takes a step towards reducing the quality of their videos and fixed at 480p maximum. Looking at this, Netflix and Hotstar also reduce their streaming quality for the same reason. It helps the users as well as the internet service provider to control the limit.


Youttube video streaming at 480p in desktop

But on the desktop, there is no such restriction of resolution for YouTube. You can play videos above 480p resolution. Here is no change in the setting and no restriction. You can see the picture given below.


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